A Sideboard by Any Other Name

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I currently have five home décor magazine subscriptions. Call it excessive, but each month, each publication has a different theme and I’ve somehow convinced myself that I need to have them all.

To top it off, a few come directly to my Ipad and although I prefer to hold, rip, flag and flip through actual pages, I must admit, it’s very convenient.

As I was going about my Saturday ritual of leafing through flyers, making a grocery list and flipping through my home décor magazines, I stumbled upon something interesting.  There, in Elle Decor Magazine is a Herman Miller sideboard, aka credenza.  A beauty, guaranteed to bring “star power” to any space in your home.

The pictures boast a sleek and trendy item would be a great edition more than just a dining room. Complete with lots of storage and drawers for place mats and silverware.

The price? A mere $7,199.


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