Decorate with Apples

Roundup: 10 Ways to Decorate with Apples

By: Diy Maven Nov 20, 2013

You can count on at least one sumptuous item in the produce department this time of year: apples. They’re bright, shiny, colorful, and perfect for decorating your home over the holidays or any day.

Apples are a great way to add color and interest to a mantle at the fraction of the cost of cut, fresh flowers. Monica kept it simple with this vignette.

Granny Smith was Kim’s choice too with this monochromatic display on her mantle.

Another monochromatic situation, this one was created for a wedding, but it would be lovely for a centerpiece for any occasion. In this case, green grapes and limes help out the Granny Smiths. 

Photo: Jean M Blog

Sometimes the right container is all it takes, as with this twig basket. 

If you’ve ever bobbed for apples, then you know they float. This basin of apples and floating candles is a lovely combination. A basin like this too big for your table? No worries; use a clear bowl and swap fresh cranberries for the apples.

I’m not sure why I love this idea from The Inspired Room. It’s simplicity; it’s cheekiness? Probably both. So sweet.

A cored apple (used as a vase) paired with a spider mum couldn’t look more charming.

Photo: Family Chic

Same idea, only instead of flowers, votive candles.

This apple-as-vase idea gets a lift with the help of a wine glass.

Photo: Home Edit

A little autumnal sprig and decoratively-cut piece of paper could make for a perfect addition to a Thanksgiving or fall wedding place-setting.


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