3 Ways To Spruce Your Bathroom

Wholesome Homes

well lit stylish lighting in bath

Light It Up

Think beyond the same old inset canisters: Adding an offbeat fixture can help redefine a space, as seen here in furniture designer Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz’s San Juan Capistrano, Calif., bathroom. “The rest of the room is so modern and clean, it needed an exclamation point,” she says. Lush potted orchids — the plants thrive in moist, well-lit quarters — next to the sink add a dynamic finishing touch.

luxurious low profile shower head

Go Low Profile Yet Luxurious

One of the simplest, low-cost-but-high-impact upgrades you can do is replace your shower head. The options for eco-conscious water-saving models are better-looking than ever — like this oversize, rain-can style, which features clean lines and a wide, satisfyingly powerful spray. Best yet, it can be screwed on in just seconds — no tools required — and rings in at less than $30.

bold artwork in bath

Hang Bold Artwork

For this Los Angeles-area master bath, designer Melissa Warner of…

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